Appearances and Work Before

the United States Supreme Court

Mr. Palmer is admitted to the United States Court and appeared in Mission Ins. Co. v. Allstate, 517 U.S. 706 (1996). The case ultimately settled for full value owed to the policyholders and claimants.

Mr. Palmer settled 20th Century Ins. Co. v. Garamendi (1994) 8 Call. 4th 216, literally on the steps of the United States Supreme Court, following which the Petition for Certiorari was dismissed pursuant to Rule 46 of the Rules of the United States Supreme Court. The settlement Mr. Palmer crated, utilized a unique strategy that funded the Prop. 103 rebate to the past policyholders as required by law, while creating a financial buffer to protect the current policyholders and shareholders to fund the Northridge Earthquake claims that were still developing.

After the settlement, 29th Century Insurance Company, which was on the edge of financial insolvency, rebounded and its stock rose from $7.00 to $21.00 per share. It remains one of California’s strongest companies and employers. Following this settlement, Mr. Palmer drafted a detailed multi-million-dollar Budget Change Proposal, or “BCP,” then retained ten (10) law firms and prosecuted the insurance companies that owed Prop. 103 Rollbacks, which resulted in a recovery of $1.2 Billion for the policyholders and taxpayers in the State of California.

Mr. Palmer’s appeared in the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Fireman’s Fund Ins. Co. v. Quackenbush (9th Cir. 1996) No. 92-15861, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 1995 U.S. App. (Held: The insurers’ claims against the insurance commissioner’s implementation of regulations were properly dismissed under the abstention doctrine, even though some were ripe, because there was a difficult and unresolved question of state law).

On August 5, 2015, Mr. Palmer filed a Petition for Certiorari with counsel Harvard Law School Professor Laurence H. Tribe to the United States Supreme Court in the matter of Taylor v. Yee (2016) 136 S. Ct. 929, Docket No. 15-169. The case involves Constitutional claims arising from seizures of private property as “unclaimed” totaling $7 billion from 27 million people in California and worldwide. Among the “lost and unknown” citizens are sitting and former United States Presidents Obama and Bush, the current head of the Russian government, the Queen of England, among others.